Enhance Your Current Technology Environment

RealiSES is a cloud-based data integration application that provides real-time visibility into business processes. RealiSES pulls data from any number of sources and combines it to create a single view of information that is unavailable through traditional means, thus extending the life and value of current systems.

Because RealiSES never replicates any information and only accesses information at its natural source, information presented is always in real-time.

RealiSES has powerful capabilities that can be used to extend functionality across all systems, avoiding the need for costly system replacements or untimely and problematic updates to system interfaces. RealiSES facilitates the integration and sharing of information across your entire organization and is a fully customizable solution. It enables access to information across all computing devices to produce a cohesive, up-to-date view of critical corporate information that can be presented onto a single web page. As a result, companies with many disparate systems can now provide a unified information solution for their business operations, customers and their customers’ customers.

Why RealiSES?

  • RealiSES can enhance your current technology environment. With RealiSES, new tools and technologies can be used seamlessly with older systems.  RealiSES integrates data from different repositories, which can easily feed into new web-based applications, providing richer functionality and extending the life of your existing systems.
  • RealiSES is able to work with virtually any data source. Because RealiSES is technology agnostic, your business can eliminate expensive capital investments that are required with other integration solutions.
  • RealiSES is based on fully open technology. Because RealiSES is based on fully open technology, RealiSES seamlessly integrates with desktop computing software. As a result, information from many different corporate systems can be captured in a single spreadsheet.
  • RealiSES provides Unified Business Intelligence.  Armed with better information, your company will be well positioned to optimize operations, while enhancing your communication internally and with customers and business partners. 
  • RealiSES is cloud-based.  Our SaaS solutions ensure that your costs are minimized and that scalability is seamless. Our cloud-based solutions help you reduce costs in IT infrastructure, software and maintenance.  As a cloud-based application, RealiSES is always available from any location you need it.

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