Be Smarter About Your Business

SuperviSES is a cloud-based ERP application that maximizes end-to-end resource planning and management. SuperviSES delivers extensive business intelligence and the most comprehensive view of critical data available anywhere.

SuperviSES manages and executes the specifics of your business, enabling the information you need to be available in real-time and at unprecedented levels of detail.  As a result, your business is more efficient, better managed and able to achieve new levels of growth and value. 

SuperviSES consists of 16 modules that ensure end-to-end accountability and visibility throughout a product’s life cycle, covering: Material Planning, Purchasing and Manufacturing, Order Processing, Inventory Management, Cost Management, Distribution and Transportation, Invoicing, Sales Reporting and Profit Analysis, Product Aging, Product Location Through Visualization.  The modules are all supported by fully integrated mobile applications.

Why SuperviSES?

  • SuperviSES is smart about your business.  Beginning with a full analysis of your internal operations, our applications support the specific nuances and requirements of your business. As a result, you are able to manage and monitor your resources and costs, down to the smallest detail. 
  • SuperviSES manages your resources from beginning to end. Starting with raw materials through to finished goods and final sale, SuperviSES enables your company to globally manage any product’s life cycle.
  • SuperviSES is cloud-based.  Our SaaS solutions ensure that your costs are minimized and that scalability is seamless. Our cloud-based solutions help you reduce costs in IT infrastructure, software and maintenance. In addition, we are able to provide guaranteed uptime and high levels of security and redundancy that are difficult and expensive to achieve with in-house systems.
  • SuperviSES is supported by our comprehensive expertise and services. With ongoing support for all aspects of our applications, our customers’ needs are addressed efficiently, effectively and completely.

Flexible & Business-Focused Implementation Maximizes Value and ROI

With Superior’s flexible approach to delivering business solutions, you can choose to implement the full SuperviSES suite or just the components that best match your business’ needs. Because Superior Technology Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that your business requirements are fully met, we combine highly experienced business process experts with technology solutions specialists to deliver the best possible solutions that achieve maximum value.

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