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By Superior Blogger | Published December 12, 2013

We usually look at cloud-based communication services in this blog, but often small and mid-sized businesses have legacy infrastructure to be managed. For those organizations running on-premises Microsoft Exchange instances, we suggest you give some thought to the software from our friends at Code Two to augment the base functionality of Exchange. Code Two offers a number of business-impacting features, such as enhancing email messages across an organization (while managing them centrally) to IT-relieving features like synchronization and migration across Exchange servers.

Our team has firsthand experience deploying Code Two solutions, including:

Email signatures & email flow control software

Has your marketing department – or any business user for that matter – ever approached you about standardizing signatures or disclaimers in email (but with dynamic information per mailbox)? Or about organization-wide routing rules, for either Outlook or Exchange, that provide more options than the standard set available? The Exchange administration console is not known for its ease of use, so addressing these business issues in much simpler interfaces is quite welcome to many clients.

Synchronization, sharing and online collaboration software

Many clients describe the ups and downs of using centralized storage for collaboration (e.g. Contacts & Calendar) achieved through Public Folders in Exchange. However, can those be synchronized from the inside of the organization to your users’ mobile devices? Not easily! Code Two solves this conundrum in a number of different ways, delivering the benefits of collaboration without the traditional IT headaches that come along with maximizing its reach.

Migration Tools

You may be looking to move to Office365 and don’t know where to begin in getting your existing data migrated from an existing legacy Exchange server to the cloud. Or perhaps your organization is considering a migration from Google Apps to the Microsoft Cloud. When thinking about what this might take, it’s hard to see a smooth transition that won’t interrupt users or create a massive information gap in the transition. Code Two’s Exchange Migration is a set of tools that simplifies the migration process and removes a lot of the guesswork.

The reason we encourage you to consider Code Two is that it directly addresses specific problems, providing a straightforward resolution to some of the traditionally vexing problems facing system administrators.

To learn more about Code Two and how it can benefit your organization, contact us at (845) 735-3555 or visit www.superiortechnology.com.



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