Applications for Your Business: Build or Buy?

By Superior Blogger | Published July 25, 2013

When considering a new business application, you will need to determine whether to buy the application, as a package or service, or build the application in precise accordance with your requirements. The cost, timeline, expertise of staff, complexity of requirements, and deployment models must all be considered to achieve productive and cost effective results for your business.

Years of experience have proven that it is more effective to purchase applications when you are automating common and non-differentiating business processes. However, when you are automating your core business processes and processes that differentiate your business, building the application may provide you with the best competitive, flexible and cost effective results.

For example, accounting and CRM systems have become classic cases for buy decisions. Companies such as Intuit’s QuickBooks and Salesforce have flourished by providing packaged applications that are common for all businesses, whether they are selling insurance policies or sheet metal. These types of solutions, in their most recent implementations, are delivered in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which enables quick deployment and no upfront investment in infrastructure.

Buying a package or a service to meet your core business requirements can be risky, expensive and ineffective in the long term. You will most likely need to significantly customize the application to achieve a workable result and in some cases create or purchase additional applications to cover process gaps. Building an application with today’s technology can be cost effective, implemented quickly and focused directly on your business requirements. You will also be able to avoid the on-going burden of upgrades, expensive license fees and the high cost of vendor labor associated with the long term cost of these applications.

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