Cloud-Based Scheduling Application for Hospitality Industry

By supertech01 | Published February 25, 2015

In September of 2013, “Schedule-Cloud”, a labor management scheduling solution was rolled out to help manage the growing needs of the hospitality industry. Now, the application is actively used by over 3,000 part-time employees of hospitality companies including Restaurant Associates, Wolfgang Puck, and NBC/Universal Studios.

Superior Technology spearheaded the development of the application, which allows employees to directly interface with the system by entering their availability.  The entire scheduling process is streamlined whereas employees are notified through email and their web portals and can accept assignments and have access to all event details.  Other features include event and employee reporting, call out request tracking and electronic sign-in & out.  

As its name suggests, Schedule-Cloud manages and stores its data in the cloud, allowing users to access the data 24/7 from any device in any location. The application allows for a highly functional mobile version, which has proven effective for employee scheduling and admin communication on-the-go.

Hospitality executives Frank O’Dea and Greg Dodge engaged Superior Technology Solutions to design and create the application, and the partners have been more than satisfied with the results. O’Dea states that Schedule-Cloud is “is limitless in regards to schedule management,” showing that the cloud-based application has made extensive strides in solving the issues that the hospitality industry has faced in the past.

Schedule Cloud saves time in managing a part-time workforce, streamlines operations and maximizes profits. The application offers role-based access for administrators and managers. The tool is leased with a monthly fee, which can be cancelled at any time. In addition, Schedule-Cloud offers users a free trial period.

If you have questions about application development, or about application solutions that could benefit your company, contact Superior Technology online at or by phone at 845-735-3555

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