Cloud Computing From a Business Perspective

By Superior Blogger | Published January 6, 2012

Just like the electric grid that supplies you with your power needs without your understanding about how the power is generated, stored, & delivered, Cloud Computing can deliver a full range of IT business systems and services without having to deal with the cost and overhead of hardware, software, complicated networking and expensive IT resources required to develop, operate and maintain your IT systems. Your only concern is providing an access method for getting on to the system. With Cloud Computing, you’re able to establish business applications and services quickly with a service provider who specializes in the development, management and delivery of your core business computer systems.

As Web based applications have become mainstream and the growth of network capacity has made it efficient to access applications remotely, Cloud Computing is the logical result. You supply the client facilities and connectivity and the applications are supplied to you based on your requirements and customized to your needs. Such an environment allows you to get your applications deployed faster, with easier manageability and less maintenance, and enables you to be more responsive to fluctuating and often unpredictable business requirements.

With Cloud Computing, there’s a significantly lesser demand on the users computers. Client desktops and laptops are not required to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to running demanding programs. All the back-end processing is off-loaded to the cloud-based data-centers operated by your service provider. All users need to be provided with is an interface for accessing the cloud-based resources, which can be as simple as a Web browser. Everything else is taken care of by the “cloud.”

While there is much confusion over exactly what “Cloud Computing” actually is from a technical perspective, from a business perspective it enables companies to establish a new business computing paradigm that enables access to the next generation of business applications. It provides business with access to application functionality and IT infrastructure services that would normally be considered cost prohibitive by many companies.  Most importantly, this can all be accomplished without having to acquire hardware, expensive licensing for packaged software and the long term cost of ownership associated with developing,  maintaining, managing and securing these environments.

In addition, some providers have clearly recognized the business drivers behind the growing rate of Cloud Computing solutions and the business value they deliver. Superior Technology Solutions places a strong focus on business process development and optimization to ensure their customers’ business systems completely meet their core business requirements. Also, Superior Technology Solutions provides customers with access to business process specialists that understand their customer’s industry vertical to ensure all opportunities are recognized and addressed. As a result, a close partnership is created with Superior’s customers, providing leadership, strategy and automated business solutions, as it were their own IT organization.

While the technical definition of “Cloud Computing” may remain “cloudy” for some time, the business value delivered by this powerful computing paradigm is crystal “clear.”

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