Email Migrations and Protecting Sensitive Information

By supertech01 | Published October 21, 2015

Businesses in the healthcare industry often have to focus on security in order to protect patient sensitive information. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliancy requirements regulate electronically protected health information, and healthcare companies must make sure that they are properly meeting these standards.

Superior Technology Solutions collaborated with a major Rockland county agency to complete its email migration to Microsoft Office 365 in order to make their email capabilities HIPAA compliant. As a Microsoft partner, Superior Technology is a local leader in cloud migration services and knew that the agency needed a hosting service with a large focus on privacy and security. Office 365 bundles features like email encryption, spam filtering, and data loss prevention. The migration to Office 365 also widened the agency’s ability to enforce compliance rules throughout its communication infrastructure. The Office 365 Compliance Center was configured to manage critical compliance settings that propagate across the entire organization.

Superior Technology Solutions President John Luludis noted, “This agency deals with highly sensitive patient information, so they needed a hosting service that has large focus on security. To avoid disrupting their business or affecting their users, we made the migration over the weekend and the transition was very smooth.” Further Office 365 features include built-in malware capabilities, which help protect inbound and outbound email messages from malicious software.

For questions on HIPAA compliancy and email migrations, or for help with your migration, contact Superior Technology online at or by phone at (845) 735-3555.

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