National Scheduling Software Company Advocates Importance of Business Continuity Planning

Published November 6, 2013

(Pearl River, NY) Dumont, NJ-based CompuDance, a custom software package used by dance and gymnastics studios to manage logistics such as class schedules, registration and billing, recognizes the importance of continuity planning – especially after they (and their customers) made it through 2012’s Hurricane Sandy unscathed.

 In 2011, CompuDance engaged Pearl River, NY-based IT consultancy Superior Technology Solutions to enhance their service offerings and host program data in their in-house, SAS 70 certified data center.

 CompuDance owner Maureen Strehl shares, “The No. 1 reason we engaged Superior was for their full range of hosting services and they have exceeded our expectations. The past two fall seasons we have experienced very harsh weather, and most area businesses experienced downtime or days-long outages. We didn’t experience any outages, which is crucial because our business expands over all of North America. Superior was proactive every step of the way, and I never had to worry because they kept us informed of their action plan before the storms even began.” 

In addition to protecting CompuDance users across the country from outages due to inclement weather in the mid-Atlantic, Superior also brought Strehl’s vision for the company to fruition. Her goals – to expand the software’s offerings, bring the application to the cloud, and grow the program’s user base – have all been reached via her Superior Technology partnership.

 In two short years, CompuDance’s business has tripled, with clients in all fifty states and Canada. Through their work with Superior, Strehl and her team debuted a brand new website, converted a large percentage of existing desktop users to their cloud-based system, and developed an online registration portal. This portal allows dance, gymnastics and music students to register for classes from their computer or laptop, as opposed to a manual in-studio process.

 To support their online registration system, CompuDance has partnered with a payment services company which processes credit cards and electronic checks. Strehl shares, “Superior was very instrumental in putting together our online registration piece – this is exactly what our clients were looking for.”

 CompuDance is so confident in their program that they offer potential customers a month-long free trial, with no commitment to purchase. Subscribers are able to go month-to-month, with no long-term commitment. Their current retention rate is 90%

 Superior Technology Solutions President John Luludis shares, “We are thrilled that our team is able to support CompuDance as they continue to exceed their goals. Our top priority is continuity, security, and providing quality, customized service to every customer. We look forward to a continued relationship with CompuDance as they maintain their impressive growth.”

 As for CompuDance, Strehl advises fellow business owners to be proactive as opposed to reactive. “If I hadn’t been prepared and engaged Superior prior to Hurricane Sandy, I would have most likely experienced a week of down-time, which can be the kiss of death to a software company with a national user base like mine.”

About Superior Technology Solutions

Superior Technology Solutions is a full-service IT provider focused on clients’ bottom line.  By offering services on an as-needed basis,Superior Technology optimizes IT dollars while reducing headaches for small and mid-sized businesses.  For more information on Superior Technology Solutions, please visit

 About Compudance

CompuDance is an integrated software package which helps to manage the non-artistic aspects of dance and gymnastic studios such as student registration, accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing, SSL emailing, mailing, attendance, costumes, and credit card processing.  Founded in 1986, CompuDance costs less and is used by more dance, music, and gymnastic studios than any other dance management software worldwide.  With a presence in all 50 states, CompuDance is published by MRS Development in Dumont, New Jersey.  Learn more about CompuDance at


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