Online Meetings: A Look at the Leading Providers

By supertech01 | Published September 4, 2014

The way companies do business changed dramatically with the arrival of online meetings. Expensive airline tickets for in-person demonstrations could be replaced by screen sharing applications, where prospective clients could see the products and services being sold, even with the presenter sitting on the other side of the world. Online meeting and screen sharing applications have come a long way since those early days of disrupted and slow sharing with limited features. Take a look at some of the leaders.


With all of the features one would expect (screen sharing, integrated audio, chat), GoToMeeting is a logical choice. It also features a separate service, GoToWebinar, which offers large audience meetings where the participants are not aware of who else has joined, in addition to surveys and in-meeting questions.


WebEx, now owned by Cisco, was one of the original players in the online meeting space. With features very similar to GoToMeeting, it comes down to a pricing comparison and comfort level between the two.

Join Me

Join Me offers up a free option that is very serviceable (more features than most free options out there). They simplify the joining process for meeting participants by asking nothing more than typing, followed by slash and a simple ID number. This no-frills approach works well in our experience and is certainly worth a review.

Microsoft Lync

Lync replaced Microsoft’s LiveMeeting about a year ago with a web meeting service that is tightly integrated to Microsoft’s Enterprise Messaging service. So, if you’re already an Office 365 Lync owner, you already have this online meeting service. The features are good but we’ve experienced some difficulty having non Lync users to join meetings.

Online meetings are a terrific alternative when in-person meetings are difficult or costly to execute. With questions about how and when to utilize online meeting software, contact the Superior Technology team at or via phone at (845) 735-3555.


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