Upgrade or Replace your business computers/devices?

By Superior Blogger | Published March 27, 2018

Are your users complaining about their computers/devices running too slow?
Have you run into too may recent virus outbreaks, causing untold hours of user downtime?
Are you unable to visit important websites, due to browser incompatibility issues?
Are you running critical operations on an outdated computer or consumer grade computer?

While any cost conscious business tries to squeeze out whatever value possible from their assets, there comes a point where user PCs will have reached the end of their productivity. In some cases, an upgrade may suffice for a time, but in many situations, a replacement is necessary. We believe it is inefficient and not a wise investment to continue upgrading obsolete or not-supported hardware.

With the acceptance of Windows 10 in the corporate world, users of older versions of Windows are beginning to see program compatibility issues, and encounter problems with their installed internet browsers. Security patches & feature updates for Windows 7 are being released at a slower pace, with Microsoft officially ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020. Security programs are de-emphasizing Windows 7 in favor of Windows 10. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 offers significantly better security out of the box than Windows 7.

Hardware costs for new PCs have remained steady, with a basic office computer costing in the $500-$600 price range. By replacing your older hardware with newer hardware, you will immediately experience productivity gains by merely using a clean computer without all the clutter that has accumulated on the old computers, and the improved efficiency of more powerful computing resources.

Productivity is a priority for all businesses and keeping your technology environment current is key for all organizations. Appropriating the budget to keep your office streamlined should be evaluated annually. Proper budgeting and planning can take a phased approach so the costs can be spread out.

Our Superior Technology team has been serving the business community for years and is expert at evaluating IT environments. For assistance in planning and implementation, contact us today at (845) 735-3555 or visit our website at www.superiortechnology.com

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