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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to go Mobile

In a world where practically everything has a face on the web, the businesses that fall behind are the ones that don’t make their presence known on every possible platform. Regardless of your industry, here are a few reasons why considering a mobile application for your business is a very good idea:

1.)    The Mobile Generation: It’s hard to look around and see someone who isn’t glued to their phone during down time.… Read More

Reporting and Analytics Delivered to Your Staff and Customers

Reporting and analytics are critical components of business. Ensuring the consistent delivery of business intelligence is becoming less of a competitive advantage and more of a requirement. To help businesses, the providers of reporting and analytics software are increasing their capabilities on two key fronts: Allowing their systems to be seamlessly embedded into their clients’ applications, and delivering responsive design to any device accessing the reports, dashboards and data extracts.… Read More

Online Meetings: A Look at the Leading Providers

The way companies do business changed dramatically with the arrival of online meetings. Expensive airline tickets for in-person demonstrations could be replaced by screen sharing applications, where prospective clients could see the products and services being sold, even with the presenter sitting on the other side of the world.Read More