Data Mining – Enter the Age of Predictive Data

By supertech01 | Published March 31, 2021

Data mining has evolved over time.  Initially, it was about looking back — historical data analysis to try to figure out what worked in the past and why.  You can learn from the past, but business circumstances continually change and… Read more »

Review or create your company backup strategy for 2021

By supertech01 | Published January 28, 2021

Are your backup and disaster recovery strategies strong enough to support your company in the face of an IT hack or disaster?  Companies are faced with security threats or business disruptions continually throughout the year.  Even if your company doesn’t… Read more »

Simple Steps To Craft Your Company’s Security Plan

By supertech01 | Published September 18, 2020

Do you have a security plan in place to protect and minimize your business risk? If you have the policies, are you training your employees to understand them?  By creating a plan, it will provide the road map to where… Read more »

The Case For Password Managers  

By supertech01 | Published August 6, 2020

Do You Need A Password Manager? ​Tired of clicking “forget password” or remembering a password recovery security question you created years ago? A Password Manager securely stores all your passwords in one place, so you can navigate your apps easily. … Read more »

Digital Engagement Services Transform Customer Experience

By supertech01 | Published July 24, 2020

  COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the business and customer experience.  Consumers are afraid of exposure to the virus and want more things done digitally/remotely, or at the very least, with minimal exposure. While this had always been the… Read more »

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