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The Fastest Way to Migrate Your Apps to the Cloud

The benefits of migrating to the cloud are beginning to become obvious to even the most conservative IT departments around the world. An environment with far fewer physical servers, networking gear and monitoring responsibility where you only pay for what… Read more »

Biometric Technology Speeds Up Age Old Business Processes

Just in the last couple of years, Biometric Technology went mainstream when Apple made its Touch ID a key part of the iPhone. Well, it turns out that this technology has been in place in businesses for a number of… Read more »

What’s Next in Search Engine Optimization?

Guest Blog Submission by Becky Livingston of Penheel Marketing Search engine optimization, or SEO, is something part magic and part science. Knowing just the right amount of keywords and keyword phrases to use on a page or blog post is… Read more »

Should We Be Renting Microsoft Office?

We all remember the days of loading up software like Microsoft Office on our computers via CD-ROM after receiving it in the mail or buying it at a software or office supply store. Those days are long gone, yet Microsoft… Read more »

Superior Technology Solutions Develops Biometric Solution for Hospitality and Event Industry

Biometrics-based time and attendance solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to recognize a person’s unique physiological characteristics. Superior Technology Solutions developed a Biometric Android application, the Biometric Timeclock, which can be used to capture times of attendance… Read more »

Five Misconceptions About Online Search Marketing

Guest Blog Submission by Becky Livingston of Penheel Marketing Online search marketing, otherwise known as SEM, can be a complex marketing effort. However, when done well, its payoffs aid in branding, lead generation, and product and service sales. Complexities In… Read more »

A Look at BitLocker, Windows’ Encryption Tool

A critical security measure for organizations that have employees working remotely or even in the office is full disk encryption. This prevents the hacking of information resting on a workstation’s disk. Since sensitive information is often stored locally as staff… Read more »

Securing Your Wireless Network

Offices that rely solely on wired networking for workstations have become rare. Wireless access points allow employees to be more free-wheeling with their laptops in conference rooms, offices, or near the foosball table. This freedom for employees and even guests… Read more »

Superior Technology Solutions Introduces Superior CMS, Giving Clients Unprecedented Control and Flexibility over Critical Apps

(Pearl River, NY) Superior Technology Solutions announces the availability of its proprietary CMS (Content Management System) platform to speed clients’ development and deployment of highly configurable applications. Apps built using the CMS are supported by Superior’s underlying technology, transforming simple… Read more »

Content Filters for Your Business

The need to prevent unauthorized content from coming into your business has been a challenge since the early days of web and email. In response, organizations have relied on networking solutions like proxy servers and firewalls to prevent unwanted traffic… Read more »

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