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A Look at Microsoft Teams

Are you already an Office 365 user? If so, you may have noticed the recently available Microsoft Teams application — the company’s answer to collaboration favorite, Slack. It has at least one major advantage over its competitors: It is part… Read more »

A “Look” at FaceID

  The recent launch of the iPhone X has caused big buzz around the world and one interesting feature is quite startling – FaceID. Imagine unlocking a phone just by glancing at it! Cool stuff indeed, but how concerned should… Read more »

Password Managers – Revisited

  In 2016, we took a look at leading password management solutions. The article was so widely read, we’re revisiting the topic to see how the technology has evolved in the last year. The average consumer still has a ton… Read more »

Protecting Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

  Recent cyberattack headlines have reported the incredible impact that so-called ransomware can have on an organization’s computer systems. A simple click in an email or a file inadvertently downloaded from a website trigger the ransomware to halt all activities… Read more »

9 Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Blog Posts and Increase Clicks

Guest Blog Submission By Karen Yankovich, CEO of Uplevel Media, LLC Blogging is one of the best ways to get your name and business out there. But, have you ever wondered what the return is for your blogs? Keeping a… Read more »

Google Maps for Your Business

Google Maps has become an undisputed leader in providing location information to consumers – and of course assisting them in getting there too! While the business to consumer applications are well understood, don’t forget the internal uses for your business… Read more »

WiFi Extenders Safe for Your Office?

  With more and more portable and mobile devices  using wireless internet every day, WiFi in the office and at home has become simply a cost of doing business. Employees and clients alike essentially demand to connect their laptops throughout… Read more »

Should You Provide Staff with iPhones or Androids?

  You may decide to have a fleet of smartphones that are owned and managed by your organization. The benefits of control and centralized management speak for themselves with the cost weighing on the other side of the decision. If… Read more »

Companies Need to Train Staff in Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks continue to rise and remain a headache for organizations across the globe. Vigilance in combatting these attacks are boosted significantly by simply educating your staff on an ongoing basis. In a recent survey by Dell, companies with a security… Read more »

Protecting Payment Card Data: What is New in PCI-DSS

  Companies that process credit and debit cards for purchases of goods and services may decide there is value in storing those card details per customer for future purchases and history. That decision should not come lightly as it requires… Read more »

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