Companies Need to Train Staff in Cybersecurity

By Superior Blogger | Published May 30, 2017

Cyber-attacks continue to rise and remain a headache for organizations across the globe. Vigilance in combatting these attacks are boosted significantly by simply educating your staff on an ongoing basis. In a recent survey by Dell, companies with a security posture built into their organizational culture are at far less risk than those that do not.  

Unsafe behaviors in the workplace like accessing, sharing and storing data are far too ordinary. Forty-six percent of employees admitted in the survey to connecting to public Wi-Fi to access confidential information, while 49% admitted to using a personal email account for work tasks. The survey found 35% said it was common to take corporate information with them when leaving a company.

With the kind of behavior, it becomes critical to educate staff on a regular basis, emphasizing areas that include the following: 

  • Rules for keeping a clean machine, including what programs, apps and data that workers can install and keep on their work computers
  • Best practices for passwords, including making them long and strong, with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and changing them routinely
  • Throwing out suspicious links in email, tweets, posts, online ads, messages or attachments—even if they know the source
  • Remembering to back up work, based on the policies of each company
  • Speaking up if they notice strange happenings on their computer.

These simple steps distributed across your employee base will go a long way to preventing the compromise of sensitive information which is so critical in business today.

Superior Technology’s team specializes in security and data protection. With questions about steps you should take to educate your employees, contact Superior Technology online at or by phone at (845) 735-3555.



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