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Advantages of Custom Application Development

Companies that look to deploy a software application, internally or for customers, are often presented with a major decision from the outset. Should we use some off-the-shelf package and hope we can configure it for our needs, or should we… Read more »

Swift 2 for iOS Development – What’s New

With the release of iOS 9 last month, Apple also rolled out support for the latest version of its new (since 2014) mobile programming language, Swift (reference previous entry on Swift). Swift 2.0 enhances the power of the language while… Read more »

Integrating Mobile Applications into Your Corporate Environment

The advantages in delivering company content and capability outside the walls of the office can be clearly seen in companies that develop and deliver mobile solutions for their employees, customers and partners. Superior’s blog has explored many ways to achieve… Read more »

Android M – A Preview

Google is preparing the launch of its upcoming Android M – now deemed Android Marshmallow – released for Android devices around the world. The feature set focuses on improvements for developers and their apps, but consumers won’t notice many changes… Read more »

Email Migrations and Protecting Sensitive Information

Businesses in the healthcare industry often have to focus on security in order to protect patient sensitive information. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliancy requirements regulate electronically protected health information, and healthcare companies must make sure that… Read more »

Superior Technology Solutions Integrates Innovative Employee Payroll Solution for Hospitality Industry Client

(Pearl River, NY) Superior Technology Solutions’ development team was recently engaged by a large, Los Angeles-based hospitality company to seamlessly integrate their employee payroll with Netpay, a resource which streamlines and simplifies employee payments and payroll reporting. Although this is… Read more »

Superior Technology and Software Integration – Simplifying the Payroll Process

Superior Technology Solutions’ development team was recently approached by a Los Angeles-based catering company to integrate their employee payroll with Netpay, a resource which streamlines employee payments and payroll reporting.  Although this is the first time the company has worked… Read more »

Paying with Your Phone: Payment Changes You Should Be Aware of On iOS and Android

Since Apple Pay arrived about one year ago, the folks at Google have been playing a bit of catch up. The irony is that Google tried to go first in the world of payments via mobile but had a failure… Read more »

Office 365 Introduces Plan Migration Capability

Early adopters of Office 365 know that the service has rapidly expanded its capabilities over time. With the expansion of services, Microsoft has inevitably had to modify its product bundling.  This left many of the original enrollees in Office 365… Read more »

Relational Databases vs. NoSQL

Readers of this blog are probably quite familiar with SQL databases and have some knowledge of MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server from Microsoft. These are the leaders in classic relational database systems (RDBMS). In the last few years, NoSQL databases… Read more »

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