Android M – A Preview

By supertech01 | Published November 4, 2015

Google is preparing the launch of its upcoming Android M – now deemed Android Marshmallow – released for Android devices around the world. The feature set focuses on improvements for developers and their apps, but consumers won’t notice many changes until developers begin to use some of the OS’s new features.

App Permissions

Today, Android requires consumers to accept a series of permissions when installing an app, e.g. accessing the camera, microphone, etc. Now, instead, the app can present the app permission request when the app needs it.

Standardized Fingerprint Support

Android devices that have fingerprint scanners will now have the advantage of a standard way to implement the feature. This will make the setup of fingerprints much faster and reduce the difficulty that some devices have experienced with this capability.

Google Photos

Google has migrated its Photos services from Google+ to a broader service available to Android users without a Google+ account. A new version of the Photos app will make its way to Android during the core release.

App Links on Web

Finally, links from the web will be able to be recognized by the operating system, making the process of linking from the web into apps a much cleaner experience for users. This is particularly helpful when a mobile web experience can give way to a vastly superior in-app experience.

Android Marshmallow is speculated to be available for updates in October. For more information on creating a custom mobile app for your business, please contact Superior Technology at 845-735-3555 or online at

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