Swift 2 for iOS Development – What’s New

By supertech01 | Published December 9, 2015

With the release of iOS 9 last month, Apple also rolled out support for the latest version of its new (since 2014) mobile programming language, Swift (reference previous entry on Swift). Swift 2.0 enhances the power of the language while further empowering developers to create great apps quickly.

Error Handling

Swift 2.0 expanded the language’s ability to handle errors within the code, making debugging easier and allowing the app to keep running when something goes wrong. From here, most of the changes to the language itself are semantic alterations to the language focused on efficiency in coding for developers.

Migration Tool

For developers that implemented their apps with Swift 1.0 and would like to migrate over, Apple created a tool to do so.

Open Source

Apple also decided that Swift would become an open source language, allowing for programs to be written for systems outside of iOS mobile devices. If the community of developers using Swift becomes larger as applications blossom, the demand for talent in Swift may expand rapidly.

But, Is This Easier?

However, early reviews from the development community have been less than positive. Complaints about poor error messages, lousy compilation and lengthier debugging are rampant on the internet. Hopefully Swift 3.0 makes further improvement.

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