Superior Technology Solutions Integrates Innovative Employee Payroll Solution for Hospitality Industry Client

Published October 7, 2015

(Pearl River, NY) Superior Technology Solutions’ development team was recently engaged by a large, Los Angeles-based hospitality company to seamlessly integrate their employee payroll with Netpay, a resource which streamlines and simplifies employee payments and payroll reporting.

Although this is the first time the West Coast company has worked with Superior, they had knowledge of Superior’s top-tier application development capabilities. The catering company uses Schedule-Cloud, an online, subscription-based Saas scheduling and time clock solution developed by Superior Technology.

Schedule Cloud was created by Superior for a group of hospitality executives in 2014, and its popularity is growing throughout the catering industry. Over 3,000 employees are currently utilizing the system in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Philadelphia.

The Schedule Cloud and Netpay integration enables businesses to more efficiently organize payroll, simplifying the process and preventing error in payroll reporting. . The Schedule Cloud web application tracks employee hours worked and verifies for accuracy before formatting and importing hours into Netpay, eliminating the  need for multiple data entry points into various software solutions. Superior customized and formatted the payroll reports for integration – allowing for frictionless communication between the two software solutions.

Superior Technology Solutions President John Luludis shares, “It’s exciting to see ScheduleCloud benefiting a large organization, and even more exciting to be able to enhance its function through the implementation of a system like Netpay. Our client’s reporting and forecasting is more accurate today than anyone in the industry could have imagined a decade ago.” 


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