Google Maps for Your Business

By supertech01 | Published July 31, 2017

Google Maps has become an undisputed leader in providing location information to consumers – and of course assisting them in getting there too! While the business to consumer applications are well understood, don’t forget the internal uses for your business of weaving Google Maps into your applications on the web or within native iOS or Android mobile apps.

 Own Your Location(s)

One of the most important and simple ways to be sure your customers are aware of your presence is to own your profile on Google Maps (and other location services for that matter). Apple Maps works closely with Yelp and Google syncs with online reviews to provide not only location and contact information but also business information and consumer feedback. Having your web address and phone number associated with your office is key, even if you’re not in high touch consumer businesses like retail or food service. Consumers are constantly searching right within the Maps application itself, and not having your profile up-to-date adds up to missed opportunities!

 Weave into Your Applications

On the web and on mobile devices, embedded maps are a powerful tool for your customers, partners and/or internal staff. Imagine a delivery or service company that could track its drivers’ locations at any time for example. Instead of building your own mapping tools, leverage all the openness that Google Maps offers. Let them do the hard work of maintaining the map of the world! The applications are endless, but don’t forget something as simple as a map on your website that allows consumers to send themselves driving directions to come and see you.

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