A Look at Microsoft Teams

By Superior Blogger | Published December 19, 2017

Are you already an Office 365 user? If so, you may have noticed the recently available Microsoft Teams application — the company’s answer to collaboration favorite, Slack. It has at least one major advantage over its competitors: It is part of the Office 365 suite and is bundled into the price.

The Basics
Microsoft Teams is a chat, meeting, workspace, calling amalgamation that enables your staff to interact during meetings, between meetings or anytime. It allows for instant posting and sharing of documents, charts and other rich information within a common interface. Whether through video or online chat, team members can quickly assemble and coordinate their activities on a particular project.

Instantly Access Other 365 Services
In addition to being part of Office 365’s price, Teams also benefits from the other Office 365 services. It can natively access SharePoint to save or retrieve files that users may be working on together. Also, for those who use OneNote, you’ll have instant access to share your notes through Teams.

Skype for Business Is Being Brought Into Microsoft Teams
Office 365 users may be quite familiar with Skype for Business and sense an overlap in many of the aforementioned features. Well, you are right! Microsoft is fully integrating Skype for Business into Teams. In fact, they are calling Teams the “new vision for intelligent communications” and it will fully replace Skype for Business in the near future.

Plug into other platforms
Finally, Teams is quite extensible to include or push data into other platforms your business might be using. Systems like Github, Zendesk, and Hootsuite among many others can be quickly connected to Microsoft Teams.

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