Biometric Technology Speeds Up Age Old Business Processes

By supertech01 | Published December 7, 2016

Just in the last couple of years, Biometric Technology went mainstream when Apple made its Touch ID a key part of the iPhone. Well, it turns out that this technology has been in place in businesses for a number of years. While typically used for access to facilities, the ability to recognize an individual person has gone far beyond just identification and access, which has real implications for your business.

So what problems can be solved by being able to recognize an individual by a simple tap on a device like a smartphone or tablet? Well, think about all the applications that require users to identify themselves. They’re everywhere, from online banking to Facebook to many of the applications used in your business for critical functions. What do they all have in common? The  username and password. It takes taps and typing every single time one needs to authenticate.

Imagine if you could eliminate the username and password for an application like a business timeclock. Instead of the old paper timecard or a web based time tracker, users could have an app on their smartphone that uses biometric technology to clock in and out an employee or contractor’s day. Integrate that data with a schedule and payroll system and you  eliminate a ton of manual reconciliation and unnecessary paperwork that drops savings right to the bottom line.

Imagine further the ability to identify users for other purposes like accessing the company VPN or logging into a workstation. The speed improvement for the user is great but there is also a huge reduction of risk.. It’s easy to use someone else’s username and password when it falls into the wrong hands. A fingerprint scan however, is not so simple.

We recently developed a biometric app for a client who needed a solution which would authenticate a high volume of users quickly and easily. Do you think your business would benefit from biometric capabilities? With questions regarding the technology or if it could benefit you, please contact Superior Technology at 845-735-3555 or online at


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