Superior Technology Solutions Develops Biometric Solution for Hospitality and Event Industry

Published October 26, 2016

Biometrics-based time and attendance solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to recognize a person’s unique physiological characteristics. Superior Technology Solutions developed a Biometric Android application, the Biometric Timeclock, which can be used to capture times of attendance of employees with the help of a fingerprint scanner.

Integrated with the Schedule-Cloud scheduling and timeclock solution, created by Superior Technology in 2013, the new feature provides secure employee time tracking as it recognizes a person’s unique fingerprint. By placing a finger on the scanner, the Android tablet displays shift-times and enables an employee to clock in and out. The time is then synced with the scheduling application for payroll processing.

Schedule-Cloud administrators can quickly and accurately register employees’ unique fingerprints on-site at catering jobs or in restaurants, where speed is key due to number of employees on each shift.

The Biometric Timeclock stores employee biometrics and shift information, securing critical data to be accessed as needed. The app’s user-friendly Admin portal allows authorized users to view and manage the employee timeclock, register or override biometrics, and leave messages to be viewed across all of the application’s users.

Shift information and punch times are automatically synchronized to scheduling and time tracking software, organizing employee records to be effortlessly integrated into payroll.

Increasing its ease-of-use, the biometric app’s capabilities are seamlessly integrated with third-party software. Employees’ punch-ins and punch-outs are synchronized in real time,and the long-time issue of “buddy punching,” (a friend clocking in or out for a coworker) is eliminated with the application’s precise biometric registration.

Superior Technology President John Luludis shares, “Our team is very excited to contribute to this solution, which solves a decades-old problem. We see potential for this application to span a number of industries, and commend our customer Schedule-Cloud for their innovative vision.”


About Superior Technology Solutions

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About Schedule-Cloud

Created in 2013 in response to a continual rise in labor costs and shrinking profits, Schedule-Cloud saves time in managing a part-time workforce, streamlines operations and maximizes profits. The tool allows employees to directly interface with the application. By entering their availability, users are matched with upcoming work opportunities, and after scheduling, administrators and employees both have access to electronic employee time sheets. The competitively-priced software is based on number of users versus the traditional transaction pricing model, and it can be used on the enterprise level or for smaller caterers.

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