The Fastest Way to Migrate Your Apps to the Cloud

By supertech01 | Published December 21, 2016

The benefits of migrating to the cloud are beginning to become obvious to even the most conservative IT departments around the world. An environment with far fewer physical servers, networking gear and monitoring responsibility where you only pay for what you use is an extremely appealing proposition! Business leaders, of course, are motivated to push hard to reap these benefits quickly.

With speed, however, comes potential risk. It is critical to be prepared when migrating even non-critical applications and infrastructure to the cloud. A solid migration plan is your guide to ensure a successful journey to the cloud. Expense management – especially for unforeseen expenses – is critical, but other considerations like effects on other systems, users and the organization as a whole need to be well understood.

Cloud migrations can be labor-intensive, requiring many steps and adjustments along the way. While a solid migration plan can simplify things, companies still need to manage change proactively and efficiently with the proper tools, governance, performance goals and architectural standards.

The path to cloud computing is not trivial for organizations considering migration. As such, our message here is that speed, while advantageous, should not be the top consideration in migrating apps to the cloud. Companies often contend with regulatory and compliance issues, unexpected budget impacts, security concerns and more. However, improved scalability, agility and other benefits make the risk worth the reward.

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