Microsoft Teams — The Ultimate Hub for Business Collaboration

By supertech01 | Published April 25, 2023

Digital online collaboration in the workplace is here to stay.  Companies have been utilizing several applications to connect with internal teams and customers.  If your organization is already using Microsoft Office 365, you can automatically access the MS Teams application… Read more »

Ai and Data Mining — A Winning Combination For Business

By supertech01 | Published March 22, 2023

With Ai, the data mining landscape has evolved significantly and has brought it into the business forefront.  Data was always about looking back — historical analysis to figure out what worked in the past and why.  But today, technological advancements… Read more »

Improve Communication & Security with Office 365

By supertech01 | Published February 2, 2023

Many businesses of all sizes and industries have embraced Microsoft’s Office 365 in varying forms. Primarily, it is deployed as a collaboration tool with email and calendaring but also a unique way to rent all of those Office programs (Word,… Read more »

Save Time And Add Security With Password Manager

By supertech01 | Published January 16, 2023

Save time and add security All of us have many passwords to manage on a daily basis – across retail websites, email, social media and other services, Tired of clicking “forget password” or remembering a password recovery security question you… Read more »

Essential Data: Helps Companies Predict Future

By supertech01 | Published December 5, 2022

Data mining has evolved over time.  Initially, it was about looking back — historical data analysis to try to figure out what worked in the past and why.  You can learn from the past, but business circumstances continually change and… Read more »

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