eCommerce is Easier than Ever

By supertech01 | Published October 26, 2018

Many of our readers will remember the days when getting a business website up and running involved the addition of “shopping cart” functionality. The platforms and tools for businesses to sell products online have come a long way from the… Read more »

Serverless Computing?

By Superior Blogger | Published July 26, 2018

There’s an interesting trend in application development today that’s caught our attention. Leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure have begun offering services and guidance on creating and deploying applications that are “serverless.” AWS… Read more »

Biometrics Are Here to Stay

By Superior Blogger | Published June 14, 2018

We can remember a time when biometric authentication was a pipedream. The ability to physically examine an individual’s characteristics (once initially enrolled) to ensure it was indeed that person seeking to access systems or physical locations was in future tech,… Read more »

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency – What Does It Mean for Your Business?

By Superior Blogger | Published May 17, 2018

There is no doubt you have heard terms in the news like Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain and understood at a minimum that economic value is changing hands in a potentially very different way than the conventional methods of payments we’re… Read more »

Upgrade or Replace your business computers/devices?

By Superior Blogger | Published March 27, 2018

Are your users complaining about their computers/devices running too slow? Have you run into too may recent virus outbreaks, causing untold hours of user downtime? Are you unable to visit important websites, due to browser incompatibility issues? Are you running… Read more »

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