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Cloud-Based Scheduling Application for Hospitality Industry

In September of 2013, “Schedule-Cloud”, a labor management scheduling solution was rolled out to help manage the growing needs of the hospitality industry. Now, the application is actively used by over 3,000 part-time employees of hospitality companies including Restaurant Associates, Wolfgang Puck, and NBC/Universal Studios.… Read More

New Services from Amazon Web Services

Just before the end of 2014, Amazon released several interesting new services on its cloud computing platform that further cemented its industry leading position. Let’s take a quick look at a few that businesses and developers can take advantage of right now.… Read More

Swift from Apple

Apple surprised many in the development community this year when they decided to roll out a brand new programming language for apps on iOS: Swift. The announcement received an interesting amount of attention, even outside the developer community. Apple even maintains a consumer-facing page, showing the benefits of using this new programming language to create apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.… Read More