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Relational Databases vs. NoSQL

Readers of this blog are probably quite familiar with SQL databases and have some knowledge of MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server from Microsoft. These are the leaders in classic relational database systems (RDBMS). In the last few years, NoSQL databases have started to get some traction to solve various business problems using some of its unique attributes over the traditional workhorse in data management, the RDBMS.… Read More

Superior Technology’s Application Development Capabilities

Superior Technology Solutions has expanded its application development capabilities through growth of its seasoned, in-house development team. The growth of the development team means more offerings for customers with the same high level of service.  Superior’s offerings span from web and mobile-based deployment capabilities to in-house datacenters and cloud-based infrastructure.… Read More

Here Comes Windows 10

Microsoft announced its new Windows 10 release to be available for PCs in   at the end of July. Those who read the headline were left scratching their heads since Microsoft is skipping right from Windows 8 to the much anticipated Windows 10.… Read More