Superior Technology Solutions Featured in Beverage World Magazine

Published February 1, 2011

(February 2011) Full-service IT provider Superior Technology Solutions is proud to announce that their innovative next generation ERP platform, SuperviSES®, implemented for their client Cintron Beverage Group has been featured in the February 2011 issue of Beverage World magazine, the beverage industry’s leading source of critical business intelligence for the global market.

“We are excited about our partnership and that it was highlighted in this national trade publication. Our application enables optimum planning, efficiency and integration while delivering business intelligence that supports global growth in a highly cost effective manner. They have been able to focus more on their product and growth strategy because of the technology solution we implemented”, said John Luludis, President of Superior Technology Solutions.

Philadelphia-based Cintron Beverage Group was launched in 2006 and is well-known for its line of energy drinks, teas and juices–all with a Latin flair. With a small dedicated team of employees, Cintron has significantly grown 20% each year since its inception. They attribute much of their success to the technology automation that was put in place when the company was formed.

Cintron’s immediate demand led the company to partner with Superior Technology in 2008. The Superior team implemented their unique, cloud-based ERP platform SuperviSES®, which allows full automation and control of the product lifecycle. The application manages the entire process from product planning to distribution. The intuitive system allows Cintron to keep their team small while benefiting from technology that streamlines the entire business process.

The electronic interface capabilities of SuperviSES® with suppliers, bottlers, distribution partners and retailers, makes it possible to compete in today’s global market with optimum efficiency.

Cintron’s Chief Marketing Officer Donna Davin shares,”I have total confidence using the SuperviSES® system. It is user-friendly and tells me everything that I need to know about current inventory, availability, age of product, and prices. I am also able to track which customers are ordering cases the fastest, which sku number has been sold the most during a current time period, and how much a customer has purchased over the course of a year — that is critical information in the beverage business.”

Superior Technology’s innovative ERP solution can deliver value within every market. “We are pleased to share this success story with the beverage community, but we also want to stress that our application can be just as effective across all industries. Any company looking to streamline and optimize their business should be looking at SuperviSES®,” states, Luludis.

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