Google Maps for Your Business

By supertech01 | Published July 31, 2017

Google Maps has become an undisputed leader in providing location information to consumers – and of course assisting them in getting there too! While the business to consumer applications are well understood, don’t forget the internal uses for your business of weaving Google Maps into your applications on the web or within native iOS or Android mobile apps.… Read More

WiFi Extenders Safe for Your Office?

By Superior Blogger | Published July 11, 2017


With more and more portable and mobile devices  using wireless internet every day, WiFi in the office and at home has become simply a cost of doing business. Employees and clients alike essentially demand to connect their laptops throughout one’s office space.… Read More

Should You Provide Staff with iPhones or Androids?

By Superior Blogger | Published June 7, 2017


You may decide to have a fleet of smartphones that are owned and managed by your organization. The benefits of control and centralized management speak for themselves with the cost weighing on the other side of the decision. If you make the decision to move forward, you will be faced with questions about carriers, device, plans and which operating system – iOS or Android – makes the most sense for your smartphone program.… Read More

Companies Need to Train Staff in Cybersecurity

By Superior Blogger | Published May 30, 2017

Cyber-attacks continue to rise and remain a headache for organizations across the globe. Vigilance in combatting these attacks are boosted significantly by simply educating your staff on an ongoing basis. In a recent survey by Dell, companies with a security posture built into their organizational culture are at far less risk than those that do not.  … Read More

Protecting Payment Card Data: What is New in PCI-DSS

By Superior Blogger | Published May 3, 2017


Companies that process credit and debit cards for purchases of goods and services may decide there is value in storing those card details per customer for future purchases and history. That decision should not come lightly as it requires your organization to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI-DSS.Read More