Must-Have SaaS Applications for Your Business

By supertech01 | Published January 18, 2017

In today’s business, installed software packages are becoming more and more obsolete. Now, just about every functional area of your business can be run via Software as a Service (SaaS) applications where instead of installing software, you simply subscribe to online services.… Read More

The Fastest Way to Migrate Your Apps to the Cloud

By supertech01 | Published December 21, 2016

The benefits of migrating to the cloud are beginning to become obvious to even the most conservative IT departments around the world. An environment with far fewer physical servers, networking gear and monitoring responsibility where you only pay for what you use is an extremely appealing proposition!… Read More

Biometric Technology Speeds Up Age Old Business Processes

By supertech01 | Published December 7, 2016

Just in the last couple of years, Biometric Technology went mainstream when Apple made its Touch ID a key part of the iPhone. Well, it turns out that this technology has been in place in businesses for a number of years.… Read More

What’s Next in Search Engine Optimization?

By supertech01 | Published November 16, 2016

Guest Blog Submission by Becky Livingston of Penheel Marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is something part magic and part science. Knowing just the right amount of keywords and keyword phrases to use on a page or blog post is just one part of the equation.… Read More

Should We Be Renting Microsoft Office?

By supertech01 | Published November 9, 2016

We all remember the days of loading up software like Microsoft Office on our computers via CD-ROM after receiving it in the mail or buying it at a software or office supply store. Those days are long gone, yet Microsoft Office remains a critical cog in the productivity of individuals within businesses.… Read More