Analytics: Crunching Big Data in the Cloud

By Superior Blogger | Published June 24, 2014

Wikipedia tells us that, “Big data requires advanced technologies to competently process large quantities of data within acceptable time frames. The traditional means by which official statistics are analyzed and disseminated, both commercially and privately, consists of a large capital outlay for data life-cycle management and infrastructure. Additionally, the business processes by which official statistics are extracted and disseminated are inefficient, costly and require specific expertise.” Cloud analytics seeks to solve this problem in a way where large datasets accrued by even mid-sized companies can be analyzed for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

Instead of managing several in-house hosted client applications, companies can rely on one centralized database and processing engine in the cloud. In addition, powerful visualization software packages enable the presentation of results to colleagues, partners and clients simple and efficient.

IBM, SAP and other large providers are touting their cloud services, but small to mid-sized businesses may look to services provided by Google’s’ Big Query or Amazon Web Services’ Elastic MapReduce. We also like Microsoft Azure’s SQL Server analytics capabilities if you’re already hosting data on SQL Server in your organization.

Once the data is processed and in a database for analysis, you should look at reporting and analytics providers like Tableau, Jaspersoft, Pentaho and others are meant for businesses to not only crunch data but also to apply web-based visualization to the results.

Embarking on these projects is not without challenges, so we recommend working with teams that has done it before to leverage their expertise. Superior Technology can help you find a cloud analytics program that meets your unique needs. With questions, contact us online at or via phone at (845) 735-3555.

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