Business Collaboration Solutions Overlap? Companies Keeping Both at Their Own Risk

By supertech01 | Published July 9, 2019

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Slack just completed its IPO and has significant user growth as a collaboration tool in businesses.  Slack engagement started in small tech companies and now has grown to all types of businesses.  These companies share a vision to replace business email in the future. Slack allows teams to work together closely with group chats that form the basis of collaborative communication.

Microsoft, which knows something about business productivity applications (ahem, Office) did not sit idly by as Slack grew. They introduced a competitive application called Teams, aimed at this booming collaboration market. Microsoft’s ace up its sleeve, however, was to bundle Teams with its popular Office 365 service. Office 365 has taken the place of classic Office license fees and replaced them with subscriptions administered via the cloud.

Management Must Decide 

With so many organizations getting Teams “thrown in” to their existing Office 365 services, it has grown – in many cases, side-by-side with Slack. This has led to a surprising amount of co-existence of the two applications with user groups  charting their own paths.  According to a recent  Mio survey,  it is reported that two-thirds of organizations surveyed had both Teams and Slack in place.

The problem with having usage pockets for both is that it leaves employees in two camps, unable to communicate across the two applications. This creates unnecessary inefficiency and productivity decreases, despite the end users’ best intentions where they tried to use the best tool for their particular needs because both were available.

Organizations needs to choose the best tool for their business OR work hard to ensure global access to both platforms with documented best practices for both.

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