Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery is Not the Entire Picture

By Superior Blogger | Published May 27, 2014

Many organizations have failed to adopt proper business continuity policies and procedures despite the recent events that have emphasized the importance of having effective business continuity processes. The adoption of these processes remains low, as many in organizational leadership roles simply have the “it can’t happen to us” mentality, or they are willing to take on the risk, assuming that they can withstand disaster. However, the rapid evolution of the technology landscape has widened the scope of requirements for business continuity planning.

Traditional disaster recovery planning is costly for most businesses. While these plans take into account the hardware, software, network and resources required to maintain continuity or achieve recovery, many fail to account for conditions that may occur that will cause many continuity or recovery plans to fail. In addition, these days, business continuity spans so much more than disasters such as floods or hurricanes, as a service outage from a key supplier or a cloud based application can severely disrupt operations.

Companies that are succeeding in positioning business continuity among company leaders have changed the discussion from disaster recovery to an ongoing dialogue about risk management.

Partnering with an expert provider of Business Continuity Services can enable you to establish a cost effective and reliable continuity model that will ensure your business continues to operate during a disaster.

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