Collaboration for Building Great Software – A Look At JIRA

By supertech01 | Published December 5, 2018


Atlassian was one of the biggest software IPOs of the last couple of years. The Australian company makes several widely used software products focused on the creation of…software. It’s most popular product by far is JIRA, an issue tracking system that has morphed into larger collaboration system.

 Issue tracking

 Originally, JIRA was created for software programmers to track tasks and bugs that they were working on. A “ticket” or “issue” is created in the system, made part of a project, assigned to a particular person and taken through a workflow. The core system allowed lots of information – notes, screenshots, attachments – to be appended as a given issue is completed. From there, issues are assigned from person to person until the task is complete or the bug is fixed. It makes it easy to prioritize work and to centrally track the status of work as it’s routed through an organization for completion. This core component remains the real workhorse of JIRA and is what most users work with.


One of the major new features of JIRA is Roadmaps. It provides a high-level view of tasks under way and shows how that work relates to specific items in each project. It is meant to view the intersection of multiple teams coordinating on multiple projects at the same time. Tracking that can be quite difficult but that is how modern software teams work. It weaves in timelines to give visibility across projects on delivery dates, potential conflicts and gives colleagues insight on when new features may become available.


Atlassian acquired a company in 2017 called Trello. Trello was known for its “boards” and “cards”. We’ve probably all seen a conference room wall full of post it notes with tasks placed in a To Do or Done column. Trello made that digital. JIRA has now fully integrated Trello’s capabilities into JIRA so the wall of notes is now a “board” of “cards”. The cards can be shifted into the various status columns. JIRA says that this integration is augmented by the ability for the system to kick off more sophisticated workflows when, for example, a card moves from a To Do column to an In Progress column.

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