Defining Native Apps and When a Business Needs One

By supertech01 | Published November 12, 2014

Until recently, having an app for your business was simply a plus to the company’s image and branding. The capabilities of mobile devices today can provide enhanced application functionality. Native apps, which are programs developed for a specific platform or device, are meant to take advantage of the technical features of these devices. These applications are usually high-quality and very business-efficient, but which companies or organizations really need them?

Native apps are installed directly onto a device and can use parts of the device’s software or hardware, like its GPS system, camera and microphone. Facebook and Twitter both provide a native application that allows the user to automatically capture and upload media while including information regarding the location of the device that is running the app.

Research is beginning to show that a large portion of online transactions are being made on mobile devices. While it is clear that both businesses and customers are relying on mobile devices for purchases, the products being sold definitely attribute to a company’s need for a native app. A retailer that sees very frequent online purchase orders, such as a clothing manufacturer, would most certainly benefit from a mobile application that enables customers to browse and purchase products from an app downloaded onto their device. In-App purchases and third party attachments like a card reader for payment processing also add value to the e-commerce business apps.

Aside from online purchases, a native app can serve a company’s need for a program that manages product branding, shipping and tracking, and scheduling all from a remote device.  Users feel more secure knowing that the application is installed on their own private device and is available for use whenever and wherever it is needed.

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