Digital Engagement Services Transform Customer Experience

By supertech01 | Published July 24, 2020


COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the business and customer experience.  Consumers are afraid of exposure to the virus and want more things done digitally/remotely, or at the very least, with minimal exposure. While this had always been the case with a younger demographic, COVID-19 has forced the older consumer to be receptive to digital practices as well.

Businesses are strategizing how to operate efficiently while keeping their employees and customers safe. With stay-at-home restrictions still imposed in some states, businesses are challenged with finding solutions to do more with less. Technology has given companies the ability to operate and in some ways provide an even better customer service experience.

Consumer demand for digital service has soared and with significant adoptions across all digital spectrums, it is clear this way of service is here to stay. Below are just a few examples of customer service solutions that are helping businesses compete and flourish during these times.

Digital Service: Website Chat bot’s are extremely useful when communicating with the customer. It answers customer specific questions without having to spend a long time searching through a website for answers.  As phone wait times escalate and in-person interactions remain challenging, this solution is a win-win for business.

Digital Choice: customers can navigate through their account; make payments, place orders without relying on the traditional customer service in-person interactions – These products streamlines the order flow and allows for an efficient customer experience.

Digital and Contact Less Deliveries: Mobile delivery/communication apps have grown significantly. Physical shoppers receive customer online orders. The shopper can communicate with the customer throughout the entire process, amending the list or replacing it with alternatives. All the while, the app calculates any differences in price and gives the customer real-time visibility into the cart. This enables the customer to still control the process and opt out of purchases if desired.  Shoppers ultimately either deliver the product or pass the product to a delivery service or department.

Technology solutions are critical to the success of your business.  The Superior Technology team can assist in solution integration or implementation. Contact us today at 845 735-3555 or email us


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