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By supertech01 | Published February 9, 2017

You may have read in various tech blogs or even business headlines that APIs are the future of software. An Application Programming Interface (API) is a means to interact with a third-party application using a common communication framework (RESTful Web Services in this case.)

APIs make it possible for businesses to open their backend data for customers/partners and use the information in their application services. Using JSON (Java Script Object Notation), users input information into an API to search across their applications to locate relevant data.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Uber all have APIs published to allow developers to interact with data resident in their applications. Your company may have already published or want to publish an API to allow partners, customers or internal groups to programmatically access information systems in your business.

Creating and managing an API can be a challenging task, but Superior Technology Solutions has developed a manageable tool to help users design, develop, and document their own APIs. Previously, APIs would be managed within or alongside of a company’s application and all the pain of managing the servers, key and certificate management, bandwidth, routing, access controls, etc. all had to be handled by the application itself. Now, users can manage those pieces of data from within one simple interface. Users authenticate themselves and receive a token, allowing them to continue their operation and query respective applications to find their information.

As more businesses are working via the web and the demand for real-time information has increased significantly, the need for API integration is essential for businesses to remain competitive.

Superior Technology has developed APIs for several clients to exchange critical information that affects key decisions in overall sales, operations and logistics management.

With questions about our API services or to schedule a demo, please contact Superior Technology at 845 735-3555 or online at www.superiortechnology.com.

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