eCommerce in 2015

By supertech01 | Published June 10, 2015

A big question for retailers is how to best present products on the web. With the amazing cost advantages of a web store versus traditional brick and mortar locations, it’s critical to have a customer-accessible presence on the web. However, the web now also includes the web as viewed on mobile devices, a new challenge for retail eCommerce approaches and systems.

Mobile = Apps, Right?

Many retailers assumed that expanding their presence to mobile meant creating a native app for Android and/or iOS. A significant investment needs to be made to create an app that doesn’t disappoint customers with high expectations for features and performance. However, for those not wishing to invest in an app, all is not lost!

Responsive Design to the Rescue

Recently, the terms “mobile-optimized” and “responsive design” have been thrown around to give meaning to “make an existing desktop web experience work well on mobile.”  This means either detecting mobile traffic and writing new pages for those devices, or optimizing your existing webpages to handle mobile screen sizes automatically (responsive design). Fortunately, many of the existing web eCommerce platform providers are supporting these approaches within their offerings.  Retailers can often take on a fully mobile approach without apps and without a full re-build of their existing sites.

Many Great Providers of Shopping Carts and Much More

eCommerce platforms have come a long way since the days of basic shopping cart capabilities. Now with leading providers like DemandWare and Magento, it’s simple to create powerful web-based retail stores with advanced features like segmentation and even inventory management built right in. We encourage you to take a look at what these providers are doing, particularly with the mobile-ready solutions to see if modernizing your eCommerce presence is worth consideration.

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