Microsoft Lync: Close-Up Look

By Superior Blogger | Published June 30, 2014

There are many advantages of services administered through the cloud. Subscribers to Office 365 are presented with the option to add Lync to their subscriptions. For organizations that value real-time collaboration, communication and sharing information anywhere in the world, the fee more than pays for itself.

Instant Messaging

Subscribed users download the Lync client to their Windows PC or the Lync app to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Once that is installed, a simple login to your Office 365 account brings up a view of all your colleagues using the service (and their current status – Busy, Free, Do Not Dis-turb, etc). With a double click, you can begin an instant message chat session with colleagues. This can also include sharing files quickly through the client.

Screen Sharing

If chatting with a colleague leads to a reference to something on one’s screen, no problem! With a click, users can share their desktop, a single application or a presentation. Like web meeting plat-forms, presenters can annotate items, give control to other participants or make another participant the presenter. This can also include third parties that are not part of your organization.

Video & Voice Calling

Just need to speak with a colleague? Press the call button and the system will ring your co-worker. Upon answering, you can talk via voice (through computer speakers/microphone or your smartphone) or full video chat with your camera. This is all done through Voice over IP (VoIP), so your subscription fee covers an unlimited amount of talk time between colleagues.

Or all of the above

Lync has also nicely integrated all of these features. Imagine being able to join a web meeting with someone sharing their screen, chatting with a colleague in that meeting while listening to the whole session through the same application.

Superior Technology can help you implement Lync or decide if it’s the right platform for your business. With questions, contact us online at or via phone at (845) 735-3555.

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