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By Superior Blogger | Published February 7, 2013

The explosion of mobile devices in people’s lives and the workplace has encouraged businesses to take advantage of an always-connected workforce (see our previous entry on BYOD here) in new and more efficient ways. Using mobile devices for collaboration – whether to access common applications, communicate with co-workers via shared messaging or accessing a shared set of files – is a winning proposition for those businesses that embrace the power of smartphones and tablets in the hands of the mobile workers.

Smartphones and Tablets empower companies to conduct business transactions, through the use of mobile applications, efficiently and on a timely basis and in ways not previously possible with traditional computing.

These mobile applications are often built to meet the specific needs of organizations. The Superior Technology team creates custom mobile applications for customers across many industries, completely fulfilling their business needs.

However, there are also many readily available mobile apps that businesses can utilize to increase efficiency that are online and carry little to no cost. Below is a listing of existing applications that can be highly effective for employees while on-the-go:

Free for subscribers, this app for Android and iPhone allows users to review data, log calls from their phones, look up contacts and advance opportunities from the road. Salesforce also has a separate app for its Chatter business social network for users to review activity feeds and message other users in their organization in the context of a customer account or pending sales transaction. 

SharePlus for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePlus (available in a free edition and one costing $19.99) is a window into your central Microsoft SharePoint server. This well-rated mobile app allows employees to access files, view company calendars, read announcements, annotate documents and add tasks as if they were at their desktop PC.  The app’s creators have put in place support for SharePoint 2013 to keep up with updates to the core SharePoint server software. This is a terrific app if your organization is one of the millions reliant on SharePoint.


For sharing files between multiple devices and multiple users, Dropbox is a leading platform to manage file sharing in the cloud. Their mobile applications do not disappoint offering a quick, clean navigation through one’s file folders, previews of most common file types, one-click sharing via social media or email and even enables sharing of photos right from your iPhone or Android to Dropbox.


Are your employees globetrotting and running up massive international roaming charges?  Using Skype when their smartphones are in range of a Wi-Fi connection is a far more economical way to communicate via video chat, voice or just text messaging. 


A leader in business project team collaboration allows users to remotely access project spaces across networks to check the feeds of activity, share documents, messages and connect with team members from the road. Yammer, recently purchased by Microsoft, enables communication on projects and centralizes activity making it simple to search project data and receive notifications when new updates to a network are made.

For more information on creating a custom mobile application, contact Superior Technology Solutions. We look forward to sharing our extensive technology background with your organization. For more information, visit us on the web at or call us at 845-735-3555.

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