Mobile Trends To Watch in 2014

By supertech01 | Published February 3, 2014

Mobile devices will continue to increase its involvement in the life of consumers and businesses in 2014. Here are some of the things we are noticing about mobile device trends:

“Wearables” and the Internet of Things

This week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) features a number of wearable consumer products that are connected in some way to the Internet. This concept of different, non-PC, tablet or smartphone items connected to the Internet has led to the term the Internet of thing being thrown about in society. We are excited about the prospect of many, many more connected devices, but like the BYOD movement we’ve seen over the last few years, businesses will be faced with challenges of how to best manage the benefits and risks of these “things.” A big example of Internet-connected devices just made news – Nest. Nest’s digital thermostats connected to in-home wireless networks allows remote access to your home devices from anywhere in the world.

Increase of Mobile Payment Solutions

While accepting payments with one’s mobile device is beginning to become mainstream with solutions like Square for merchants, paying with one’s phone is still an emerging solution. Solutions that allow person to person transfers like PayPal or Venmo help friends split the check at dinner, but paying for one’s grocery bill is still dominated by the card swipe. Many make the point that swiping a card continues to be the easiest way to pay, but even the largest skeptic agrees that wallets will someday be a thing of the past.

Increase of Targeted Marketing

Today’s marketing platforms for businesses also continue to adapt their capabilities to the mobile consumer. The ability to recognize devices and even location to present ads tailored to mobile devices and the consumer on the go is a fast-growing field in technology. Solutions like Verve Mobile allow brands to deliver content directly to wireless consumers in a targeted geo-location. Local businesses are then able to push ads directly to customers’ mobile phones located in their neighborhood.

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