Office for Mac Issued for User Preview

By supertech01 | Published April 9, 2015

Microsoft Office for the Mac has traditionally been a less functional, often frustrating set of applications, particularly for any users who might have gone from using a Windows PC to a Mac. Microsoft, with its next release of the industry standard office application suite, is seeking to change that.

When it issued mobile versions of its Office applications for the iPad and iPhone, Microsoft showed a willingness to work with its rival as users demanded to manage and edit their Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on their mobile devices. Microsoft responded with the highly-rated mobile versions of the apps.

However, Office for the Mac remained in the wilderness, sitting on a version last updated in 2011. The look and feel, features, and overall approach have been behind those on Windows.).

Now, Microsoft has issued the new Office apps in a major pre-release that is available for download for anyone to preview on their Mac. Having tried this ourselves, we can say that the apps have come a long way! Things like the use of the Command button to equal the Control button on a Windows PC have been addressed, something that has confounded former Windows users for years. We’re optimistic that the Office apps may give the native Mac applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) a continued run for their money, particularly as Office 365 continues its impressive adoption.

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