Password Managers at a Glance

By supertech01 | Published April 20, 2016

The average user has a ton of username/password combinations floating out in cyberspace. Combine that with passwords used within a small or medium sized business and soon the passwords are overflowing, quick to be forgotten or even worse, ready to fall into the hands of hackers. To address this, consumers and companies should consider password managers for convenience and security. Let’s take a look at a few options:

Last Pass

Consumers create a Last Pass account through their site or mobile app. From there, all passwords can be imported from your existing browser password store (if used) or you can begin letting Last Pass handle passwords used in your web browser. They have a premium version which lets you sync across devices and secure desktop applications. While the cloud centrally stores users’ passwords, the main master password and key used to access each user’s data are never stored there and instead reside with the end user.

Last Pass Enterprise

For businesses, Last Pass Enterprise can be deployed with your organization to manage passwords across users and under the purview of your company (through their Central Administration Console). Other features like Single Sign-on to business applications and connections to your company directory (e.g. Active Directory via LDAP) ease management across your company and reduce the risk of misuse or mishandled passwords in your business.


1Password got its start in mobile password management exclusively for apps. That has made 1Password one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store.  1Password hassince expanded its capability to the desktop and to websites. Consumers can easily sync password information through Dropbox or iCloud to take 1Password across many devices.


DashLane combines many of the standard password management features described above with a digital wallet capability, meaning the user can store forms of payment securely along with usernames and passwords. DashLane also offers a premium version to allow for access across multiple devices.

For more information on your company’s security planning including password protection, contact Superior Technology online at or by phone at (845) 735-3555.


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