Reporting and Analytics Delivered to Your Staff and Customers

By supertech01 | Published September 16, 2014

Reporting and analytics are critical components of business. Ensuring the consistent delivery of business intelligence is becoming less of a competitive advantage and more of a requirement. To help businesses, the providers of reporting and analytics software are increasing their capabilities on two key fronts: Allowing their systems to be seamlessly embedded into their clients’ applications, and delivering responsive design to any device accessing the reports, dashboards and data extracts. Here’s a look at a few of the approaches.


Tableau has become a leader in analytics and reporting from disparate systems within a business. Their highly flexible web-based reporting, charting and dashboard capabilities are among the most comprehensive we’ve seen. Imagine being able to deploy a reporting solution to your staff and/or customers which allows them to easily create their own reports, charts and dashboards (within parameters that you set). This comes, however, with what some may consider a hefty price tag.


A few years back, LogiAnalytics focused their business on enabling the embedding of their charts, reports and dashboard in clients’ existing applications to ease integration and maximize usage. While not as powerful or feature-rich as Tableau, they have client applications in mind. So, if your intention is to integrate a solid reporting and analytics engine to your existing application and make it transparent, LogiAnalytics is an effective option for your business.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Microsoft has delivered a highly regarded analytics and reporting system that is fully integrated with Microsoft SQL Server, one of the world’s leading database management systems. The platform makes the creation and distribution of your data a snap by layering the capabilities on top of existing databases. If you have critical business data within a Microsoft SQL Server database, this may be an effective option in delivering business inteligence to your staff and customers.

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