Review or create your company backup strategy for 2021

By supertech01 | Published January 28, 2021

Are your backup and disaster recovery strategies strong enough to support your company in the face of an IT hack or disaster?  Companies are faced with security threats or business disruptions continually throughout the year.  Even if your company doesn’t currently have a plan in place, it’s not too late to create one or review procedures and focus on the most important tactics in the event of extended interruptions.

Over 90 percent of small to medium-sized businesses back up data on servers under their own management. But, a startling 29 percent backup data that resides in various cloud-based SaaS applications they use for often-critical pieces of their operation.

With the rise of cloud-based services, it is important to know that many SaaS companies will only backup your data for 30 days. After that, anything longer is the client’s responsibility. For their part, SaaS companies certainly don’t widely share this shortcoming and unfortunately, their clients infrequently understand these policies.

SaaS usage continues to explode, and businesses have to assess the risk associated with limited backup lifespan for their critical data.

In an environment where security investment continues to rise in response to external threats, organizations need to have adequate recovery plans in place that take into account both internally managed applications and key SaaS services. Many organizations have even invested in multiple, redundant SaaS systems in the event of outages, particularly on key systems like payment gateways.

We also strongly recommend simulating outages to know just how effective your back up strategy is. You may be perfectly archiving data, but if it cannot be tapped for restoration in a timeframe acceptable to your business, then it’s time to revisit the entire process.

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