Salesforce Lightning

By supertech01 | Published January 22, 2015

Salesforce’s annual conference Dreamforce always produces significant buzz in the industry and features rollout of new versions of core Salesforce products. Last year was no different with Salesforce following up last year’s big announcement of the Salesforce1 API and mobile apps with Salesforce Lightning.

Extension of Salesforce1

Lightning picks up where Salesforce1 left off, by allowing Salesforce clients to build their own apps on top of the Salesforce1 API, using pre-built components and easy-to-implement mobile development kits for custom applications using Salesforce data in very specific clients uses. While Salesforce1 was great for sales-specific activities on the go, an organization using Salesforce for workflow applications on mobile devices still had lots of development to do.

Build Mobile Apps, Pre-Built Components

The pre-built components allow for developers to select from flexible views, workflows and search to build highly-customized apps, whether for internal consumption or to be offered up on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Lightning Connect for Legacy Data

Another major component of the Lightning product is Lightning Connect. For larger organizations that have disparate systems with a substantial amount of legacy data to be consumed, it has classically been a challenge to get that key data into Salesforce. The Lightning Connect service eases this pain by providing a subscription service of tools to extract, transform and load data into Salesforce’s core data modules or even into custom data tables.

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