Should Consumers and Organizations Use “Sign In with Apple”?

By supertech01 | Published September 26, 2019

Apple’s new sign in option 

We’ve all by now seen the ability to sign in with credentials from services like Google, Facebook and Amazon. The advantages for consumers include reducing the pain of remembering yet another username and password, providing a bunch of repeated user data in the sign-up process and playing the inevitable forgot password game with another website or smartphone app. A notable hold out from these third-party login providers has been Apple.

However, at Apple’s 2019 developer conference in June, Apple announced “Sign In with Apple” as an option. With the recent release of iOS 13, Apple has officially put Sign in with Apple into the world. With one of the largest user bases in the world, the number of Apple IDs that have been established made this an obvious choice for Apple, consumers and publishers of web and mobile apps.

Sign In with Apple links with one’s Apple ID. So, users can sign in using Touch ID, Face ID or your device passcode. Apple notes that it won’t track you as you use this service.

How To Use the Service 

To use the service, consumers need an Apple ID with two-factor authentication. They also need to be signed into iCloud. When visiting a site or app that supports Sign In with Apple, the service will appear as a login option. Users will only be asked for name and email address to set-up their Apple ID. One compelling option is use of Apple’s private email relay service to make a unique, random email address that forwards to one’s personal email.

How will Apple get usage going? Easy – they will require any app that uses other social login options to include Sign in with Apple or be rejected (!) from the App Store review process.

Advantages for users 

The advantages for consumers are speedier sign up and login to the web sites and apps they use frequently. Instead of a password, authentication with TouchID or FaceID means no need to remember another password.

The advantages for businesses that have web or mobile applications where they create customer profiles is removal of friction from the sign up and login process. Additionally, Apple is a highly trusted source of identification information. A notable disadvantage is the limited amount of information that comes from Apple about the user, requiring the app publisher to collect that data on its own.

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