Steps to secure your remote or home-based workforce

By supertech01 | Published June 24, 2020

With such a large percentage of employees working successfully from home, companies are now recognizing the benefits of a home-based workforce – a trend that seems here to stay.  Creating a security culture in your company is the key to maintain security and minimize your risk.  Read our tips below…

PCI Compliant:

For any business that processes credit cards, it is essential that your company is compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard provides the framework. How does your IT system securely store customer data, how will you protect that data from a security breach, and does your firewall allow secure remote access? By utilizing the comprehensive framework, you have the guidance.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is commonly used to ensure that only authorized users can access a controlled system. The user must enter their username and password and then is prompted to pick a device/method where a code is sent – email, SMS, phone call.  The user must enter the code to gain access and can only login by correctly passing through both levels of authentication.

Insulate Personal or Financial Information with Automation:

Use automated systems to handle personal financial information. When taking payment from a customer, the human agent can pass the customer over to an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Once payment is processed, the customer can be returned to the agent. Automating the capture of financial or personal information ensures that the agent never hears or has access to this information.

Control the PC Desktop:

Your remote workers will be using standard PC equipment connected to the Internet, but certain minimum standards such as an antivirus firewall will be required in addition to basic protection. All non-business functionality will need to be locked down and unavailable when the system is being used for your business.

Encrypt Communication:

Communication undertaken by your remote workers needs to utilize end-to-end encryption. If their connection is hacked, it will be impossible to make sense of the data transfer — only the sender and receiver will have the key to the encrypted communication stream.

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