Superior Technology Solutions’ Development Team Grows in Response to Customer Demand

By supertech01 | Published April 11, 2019

Superior Technology Solutions has expanded its application development capabilities through growth of its seasoned, in-house development team. The scope of Superior’s offerings focuses upon custom, business-oriented web and mobile app development.

Superior’s custom application development work is currently in use by notable companies such as Wolfgang Puck, CxRA, CCK Woodside and NBC Universal.

Superior Technology uses a distributed architecture to build highly available, reliable, scalable and flexible business solutions. Superior’s development team has successfully delivered SaaS solutions and exposed API using Web Services such as Amazon AWS, Android/iOS, Google Maps, SSO, HTML5, NoSQL, AngularJS and J2EE technologies.

The growth of the development team means more offerings for customers with the same high level of service. The Superior team continues to manage the complete project lifecycle for all projects, from the gathering of requirements to product deployment and technical documentation. Standards-based development processes provide customers visibility, opportunities for feedback during projects, and offline support capabilities.

Each member of the development team brings a rich history of experience to Superior customers. These varied experiences have matured Superior’s development processes. The team continues to stay apprised of cutting-edge technology and embraces new tools and platforms which helps customers remain competitive and on the front lines within their prospective industries.

Superior Technology’s goal is to make the development process faster and application execution more resilient, responsive, and scalable.

Superior Technology is continuously adding more services to its existing business application portfolio and working to provide flawless scalability, fault-tolerance, redundancy and auto-healing capabilities to customers. The team is also testing out alternate development platforms to meet the future demand in wearable devices and IoT.

With questions about potential development projects or Superior Technology Solutions’ capabilities, please contact us today at (845) 735-3555 or visit our website at

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