Superior Technology Solutions and One Touch/ Schedule Cloud to Exhibit at Catersource in Las Vegas

By supertech01 | Published March 5, 2015

Superior Technology Solutions will co-exhibit with customer One Touch/Schedule-Cloud in booth #1149 at the Catersource and Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow in the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 8-11, 2015. Catersource is the annual event which attracts vendors and service providers from across the hospitality industry.

Schedule-Cloud was created in response to a continual rise in labor costs and shrinking profits and saves time in managing a part-time workforce, streamlines operations, and maximizes profits. By allowing employees to directly interface with the application and entering their availability, users are matched with upcoming events. Schedule-Cloud is actively used by over 3,000 staff members across the country for hospitality giants such as Restaurant Associates, Wolfgang Puck and Universal Studios. 

Superior has focused upon improving the platform’s mobile presence. Now, users can sign employees in and out of events via mobile timecards. Following an event, all workers will receive an email with their hours worked, which they can either accept or dispute. The platform tallies part-time workers’ past hours. By calculating hours worked through the calendar year, companies can accurately calculate paid time off due to their employees.

Superior also provides custom integration services to other enterprise software, specifically payroll solutions. Depending on client requirements, employee times can be automatically sent to payroll for processing.  Other possible integration is with catering and event management solutions and human resource recruitment tools.

Be sure to visit Booth #1149 at the Catersource and Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow. For a demo or free trial of the application, contact Superior Technology Solutions at 845-735-3555 or online at

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