Utility Apps Every Employee Should Have

By supertech01 | Published August 12, 2014

Today’s mobile business solutions are not just reserved for traveling personnel. Mobile apps have made everyone connected from just about wherever they are. Staying productive on the go is made much easier by native apps on both iOS and Android devices. Here are some key apps you should consider making a part of your mobile solution application portfolio.

File Sharing

Whether your business has chosen Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or something else, having access to your files on the go is critical. Need to send that document that would have been stuck on your hard drive to a client? No problem, just log in and in a few clicks, the document is on its way.


Paper notebooks may never be replaced, but EverNote is giving them a run for it. The cloud-based service stores notes and information in an organized fashion and has built out apps for every mobile platform out there. Why make the switch? Well, just try to search your paper notebook sometime.

Salesforce 1

Having access to all the information about a client in the palm of your hand makes it quite easy to look up a proposal, see open service tickets or other key points of information. Salesforce has just recently done a solid job of condensing loads of information into a sound native mobile application making it easy to navigate their CRM platform.


Looking to connect with a particular technology expert or research key people at a prospective client? LinkedIn is THE business network. Their mobile app provides access to search profiles, access groups, read one’s newsfeed and make connections.

Internet-Based Calling (Skype, Google Voice)

Stuck overseas with very expensive mobile phone minutes? Many savvy travelers have started using much cheaper data plans,hot-spots to connect their phones and for voice calling, the very inexpensive options from Skype or Google Voice.

Superior Technology can answer any questions regarding making your employees mobile and implementing security solutions to ensure these applications are as secure as possible. Contact us online at www.superiortechnology.com or via phone at (845) 735-3555.

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